How long I've been writing
How long I've been really trying to publish
How many projects have been published so far
I've been writing almost since I was able to!  It started with school work, then progressed to a spiral notebook, which then turned into multiple notebooks, which all eventually turned into a multitude of very large files saved on my computer, and in my dropbox, and on a flashdrive, and in googledocs, and probably on another flashdrive. 
(Better safe than sorry!)
Just because I think my stories are pretty awesome, doesn't mean anyone else has agreed with me yet.
I figure if I send my work to every person on the planet, eventually someone will agree with me, and help me spread my stories to the whole world.
(I hope to someday change this number!)
For most of my life I wrote only for me and a few close friends - many of whom I killed off at some point by their own requests.
I really started writing for a wider market about 7 years ago when I decided to NaNoWriMo to support my husband - and that's how The New Hope Chronicles were born.
Hello world - how big and wonderous you are!
I - as the website implies - am Torie Fox, the striving author.
Thank you for stopping by, and getting this far into my feeblogsite (I'm so totally IT savvy).

I think I can officially say “I am a writer” without qualms, as I have been writing stories since I could spell.  Probably before that actually… I bet my mom has something in a box somewhere.  Regardless, I don’t feel like I can say “I am an author” yet, as I feel like to truly own that illustrious title I should have something published.  And I don’t.  Not yet anyway.  I’m working on that…

I grew up in the house of a published writer, "volunteering" to help at the local writer's conference each year (until I went to college - but I'm back at that same conference now as a for-real volunteer), so writing has always been a part of my identity in one way or another.  I've always written - always - but never for anyone but myself really.  There were a couple murderous lawn gnome books where I may or may not have killed off all my high school friends... but they were the ones to request it!  But mostly I wrote the stories that I wanted to be true. 

And then there was NaNoWriMo 2010.  My husband (fiance at the time) was participating in the challenge, and I decided I would do it too, to support him.  By the end of November, FUBAR was a whole story - in desperate need of editting and cutting, but whole nonetheless.  FUBAR was then followed by three more books that were needed to complete the full story. 

More recently, I started living in the world of Chaos - my main character, not the state of being... though that's pretty true too.  Anyway, thanks to my favorite show and a deep, dark rabbit hole I fell into in Wikipedia, Constance Wilkering (aka Chaos) was born.  Along with the seven Princes of Hell and the seven Archangels of Heaven who can't get along to save their lives.  Literally.  I bounce between Chaos and FUBAR when I query these days - along with two completed short stories that are sort of horror-ish.  All my shorter stories are horror-ish somehow!

I live in Colorado, where I actually know directions because mountains are always west -- put me in another state, and I'm hopelessly lost in an instant.  I live with my husband - who can tell directions in other states - and our animals.  We have about 17, if you don't count the fish.

I work for a bank headquarters, where I crunch numbers into pretty graphs and readable data.  I am an Excel guru - that is my unofficial job title that I get called more often than not.  My real title is Loans Intelligence, Associate Analyst - which sounds pretty darn cool and important, right?  Yeah, I'm not.  The Guru is better.

I don't have free time, but I imagine if I did, I'd watch a lot more TV.  As it is, I have an adult kickball league, ballroom dancing with my husband (which apparently now includes competitions), weekly game nights, co-directing the local writer's conference (Pikes Peak Writer's Conference 2018) and weekends and evenings are alway full of friends, trips, parties, dinner theater, yard work, or family time.
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